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Broadway Limited 2-10-2/4

Updated June 9, 2005

Broadway Limited has released their Santa Fe 2-10-2/4 models. The 2-10-2 version is available as numbers 3877, 3879, 3881 and undecorated. Production models can be seen on Broadway's website.

The 3800 class included locos 3800 - 3940, minus 3829 mentioned below. But not all were the same, and modifications through their lives made each one unique. They were produced 1919-1927 and lasted as late as 1955.

The units being produced will accurately represent 3876-3882 during their early life. This means

  • Cabs: The first units had a square cab (3800-3890) while later one had a slanted front (sport) cab (3891-3940). Also some of the cab roofs had an unusual raised area added when 20K tenders were added to make it possible for the fireman to get on the closely coupled tender.
  • Drifting Valves: These were added with modernization to some of the 3800s.
  • 3850-3875 (built in 1923) were the first 3800s with a feedwater heater. They had the trident shaped pump.
  • Main Driver: When the units were modernized, a heaver main driver was added, circa late 30s.
  • Trailing Trucks: 3800-3849 were equipped with Hodges trailing trucks; 3850-3990 had Delta trailing trucks. 3883-90 came with Franklin booster trailing trucks.
  • Sand Domes: The earliest engines had only one sand dome. Production beginning with 3850 (1923) had two domes and the earlier models had a second dome later added.
  • Stacks: Those on the coast lines often had flip back deflectors. Mike Schmitt reports that the 90 degree deflector appears to be the only one used.
  • Tenders: At least 6 different tenders were used on 3800s: 15K coal, 15K oil, 20K coal, 20K oil, flat 20K oil, and 3906 had a 12K whaleback tender in 1950-51 for switching. The 15K oil was the most common. Around 1941 SANTA FE was added to the sides of nearly all of the tenders for this class, but have been left off of these models since they are of an earlier time period.

Broadway Limited is considering producing a modernized version of this locomotive next year.

The 2-10-4 will be 3829, Santa Fe's first 2-10-4 and an experimental and developmental engine toward the later 2-10-4 engines. It was born with a 4 wheel trailing truck and a 15K coal tender. Other than the trailing truck it was a standard 3800. It received a 20K long coal tender in 1930 which was converted to oil in the late thirties. The 15K tender proposed for the model is not correct for any of its configurations.

Below is a list of published photos of the specific engine numbers that Broadway Limited has chosen. I would invite others to submit additional listings and notes.


  • I have not seen on one in print.


  • Santa Fe in the Mountains, p. 69, has 3879 leading a freight down Cajon Pass near Sullivan's Curve. It is the modernized version. Most of the consist is visible.
  • Cajon: Rail Passage to the Pacific, p. 181, has a color photo of 3879 pulling into Summit, CA, as front helper on a 1948 train. Again it is the modernized version.
  • Cajon: A Pictorial Album, p. 117, has a color photo of 3879 on the point of a train at Summit, 5/29/50, as modernized.
  • The Warbonnet, 4Q 2003, p. 22 contains the same color photo seen in Cajon: Rail Passage above.
  • Stan Kistler has a picture of 3879 in list SF-1 taken in 9/47 with no other modernization than a tunnel smoke deflector.


  • Santa Fe: Steel Rails Through California shows 3881 at Victorville in 1947. It does not have drifting valves, but does have extended cab, flip smote deflector, and disk main driver.


  • Santa Fe's Big 3, p. 19, builder photo with coal tender.
  • Steam Locomotives of the Santa Fe, p. 105:
    - Santa Fe photo, squarely on the fireman side, coal tender, as delivered with 1 sand dome.
    - 3/4 shot, engineer's side, 1954, San Bernardino, 20K oil tender with SANTA FE on it, drifting valve clearly shown (Ellington calls "valve by-pass).
    - 3/4 shot, fireman's side, 20K oil tender with number only on it, no drifting valve, no other data.
  • Model Railroader Cyclopedia Vol. 1 Steam Locomotives, p. 84, two shots, both of the fireman's side, one early with coal tender and one with later trailing truck (changed 1925) , Elesco heater pump and drifting valve, SANTA FE on tender.
  • Iron Horses of Santa Fe Trail, p. 336, 3/4 shot of engineer's and one of fireman's side, Raton, 1950, drifting valve, Raised roof on cab, SANTA FE on tender
  • Santa Fe Texas Type 2-10-4 (Ainsworth), p. 7, 3/4 shot engineer's side, Raton, 1949, drifting valve, SANTA FE on tender
  • Santa Fe's Raton Pass:
    - p. 127, front of boiler only, engineer's side, drifting valve
    - p. 134, fireman's side, as built, coal burner, one sand dome.
  • Santa Fe Steam, the Last Decade, p. 67 3/4 shot, fireman's side, oil, no drifting valve, no SANTA FE on tender. Text: "worked until 8-29-53 with its last years devoted to freight and helper service on the NM Division."
  • Iron Horses of Santa Fe Trail, p. 340, (no photo) sold for scrap 8-9-55
  • Locomotive Quarterly 26:4, p. 32, good side shot, engineer's side, oil tender, 9-3-48, drifting valve, two sand domes, Albuquerque.


  • Steam Locomotives of the Santa Fe:
    - p. 236, drawing from Santa Fe's Car and Locomotive Plans for Model Railroaders. 15K oil tender.
    - p. 238, 20 K tender, oil and coal.

Therefore, for the prototype modeler, the 2-10-2s are accurate only for the 1920-30s with the exception of the 3879 which is accurate until 1947 but modernized by 1948. The 3829 is not accurate for any time period. The undec version can be adapted for 3800-3890 with many exceptions.

Click here for photos of Drifing Valves or Valve By-Pass.

Click here for a PDF of 3800 locomotive assignments and photo index circa 1950.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum website has photos of some of the 3800 class on line.

John Moore has supplied Tender assignment information for the numbers selected.

Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

Don Borden has supplied a spreadsheet of 3800 photos and modifications along with an explanatory index. Unfortunately he did not take the feedwater heater into account so includes locomotives as correct which are not.

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